Movement is the life of all learning. If one would have to learn,one must be accommodating enough to move towards the availability and source of knowledge and knowhow, using the "modes of transport" available.

And, so, we have left no stone unturned to be as supportive as possible to provide the best transport facility, comprising a fleet of buses to cater to the demands of Shimla city and its suburbs. For the utmost care of the students availing the school transport facility, we have well trained and attendants,first-aid boxes and a designated teacher till the last child is dropped. All children wear an l-card which bears details of his/her individual bus route, and the big enchilada is the Almanac issued to the children that lists the details of the escorts/guardians who would drop and receive them at/from their respective transport point. All the buses and routes are well monitored through the GPS system to ensure the safety and well-being of the students. We also have SMS-based information system to keep parents posted in case of unavoidable delays in transport.

Parents are requested to kindly check in advance about the availability of transport at their respective points before seeking admission for their ward(s). No request shall be entertained to extend/alter a particular route.

Transport facility is subject to availability of seats. Transport Application forms may be obtained from the School after confirmation of admission.

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