Activity Clubs

Being active is always better than not......

We sculpt our learners in ways all unique and for this reason we have categorised our activity clubs so that students get a better exposure to perform tasks of diverse nature. We believe that a child can find his forte in future only when he is provided with varied fields of art and creativity in the present. Each student is a piece of art himself and needs to put forth his talents as learning is not always all about academics and scores.

A variety of clubs have been organized to provide fun, excitement and joy of self- expression through music, art & craft, dance, Quiz & drama, etc. The innate talent of all students is nurtured, providing plausible platforms through different activities/clubs - music, painting, dramatics, ecology, dance, public speaking and art & craft.

Friday is marked as the day for multifarious activities namely poetry recitation, GK quiz, singing, declamation, extempore, etc. The main concern is to discover the latent talent and boost up their confidence so that the children may shed their stage fear and hesitation.

Our principal purpose of constituting various Activity Clubs is to familiarise students with Essential Life 

Skills such as goal setting, teamwork, time management, problem solving, analytical thinking, leadership and public speaking etc. Thus, we provide our students with a platform where they learn how to overcome the challenges of their life of today, and gear up to combat and conquer their competition-and-meritdriven world tomorrow.


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