We do not admit students….. we adopt them. While we know that it isn’t easy to leave the comfort and confines of homes, yet we can assure that the child gets the same warmth and care required to keep his/her emotional quotient alive. While living under strict rules and regulations of a hostel environment, we remain a little flexible in areas we feel important like frequent student-parent interactions, regular outings, celebrations of important festivals for all genre of students etc.

Not to mention keeping your ward away from the growing ill effects of televisions, mobile phones, video games and other distractors.

For those parents who find it difficult to manage their wards in terms of discipline, regular school assignments, exam preparations etc and yet can’t afford to stay completely away from them, we have a modest option called Weekday Boarding(Monday to Friday). Apt for working parents or parents who are not in a position to devote quality time to their kids, this option would come in handy. This way the child doesn’t feel homesick and enjoys the best of both worlds.

This option also suits parents from Shimla city and upcountry ( within a 2 hour distance) who can manage to pick and drop their wards on weekends.

Parents can collect their wards on Friday evening and lap up their weekends the way they wish and drop them back to School on Sunday evening. School may also provide limited transport facility to facilitate pick drop, depending on the time schedules and availability of vehicles.

Introduced for the first time in any boarding school in Shimla, this concept is gaining a lot of popularity these days in major Indian metropolitan cities and boarding schools overseas.

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