What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education. There were times when most of the schools wouldn’t have a library since they would have no realisation of the need for one. And even if some of them did, only syllabus related books would be available and only the intelligent kids would step in.

But today, ‘Reading’ is not just about mugging course- related material or scoring the highest grades but it has been branched into several other interests. And why not! Didn’t we ever dream of reading books which we would never be judged on? Didn’t we ever wonder if we had other things to read?

School can make one literate but doesn’t really teach to read for pleasure. The Ivy library would be the right amalgam of books on current prejudices and different cultures. The inability to solve (3x-4y=9) wouldn’t refrain a budding artist from pursuing the art.


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