Robotics Lab

 We are proudly the ONLY school in Shimla to have a Robotics Lab to date (2019). Our   Robotics classes consist of fundamentals of engineering, core understanding of   technology, science of mechanical /electronic systems, programming concepts and logical   applied mathematics; which, as per STEM education, plays a pivotal role in developing   scientific potential of students.

 The way of learning at Ivy International is to get involved into a thing and experience it.   We don’t just see the things; rather we experience them, so as to inculcate Higher Order   Thinking Skills. Set up in 2015, we were the first school in the entire state to have   a Robotics Lab , a step which was in tune with our commitment to provide latest   technological support in enhancing teaching-learning experience in an ultra modern   environment.

 It also helps students develop soft skills like creative thinking, team work, inter               personal skills, problem solving etc. Ushering in Robotics at the school level ( Grade IV onwards), we, through Robotics classes, make our tiny tots of today ready to enter the space-age world of tomorrow with adequate exposure and vast knowledge of technology and engineering. 

The activities carried out in the lab are very useful for the overall development of the child and enhances their conceptual and application skills. It is a proven fact that these activities help children develop their motor skills, apart from increasing their IQ levels.

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