Athletic Beliefs

Zero period or superhero period?

Sweat in their hair and blisters on their feet! And yet, don’t give up? Yes, your kid is probably at Ivy! The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind while picturing the school is the PLAYGROUND. But what if there is no place to play in the school? And especially Shimla being the hilly destination as it is, there is really a dearth of plane spaces where your child can actually have a fun- filled activity, even after classes.

Open your lockers, take out your kit, sweat it out in the field, take a shower and head straight to your classes…..or to your home. Ivy International School will provide perfect opportunity to students to indulge in sports activities of their choice. Not to mention that it is going to be MANDATORY for children to enrol in physical activities available in the school.

Keeping in mind the importance of physical activities in a child’s growing up phase, Ivy’s infrastructure offers everything, from one of the biggest indoor halls to the boundless field to crack anything from skating to squash!

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