The palpitation of the proposal called schooling…..

 In kindergarten, children explore and learn through play, real life experiences and teacher-guided activities. Choices with open-ended play materials such as sand, blocks, clay, etc. are available to support creativity, exploration and problem solving. Learning is facilitated with "hands on" activities planned to meet the educational goals. Self-expression is supported through art, music and drama in an English-rich environment. In preschool classes children develop lifelong skills as they learn to work and play together as valued members of their classroom community, knowing constantly, even sub-consciously/unconsciously.


Ivy International Kindergarten Programme Features:
  • LSRW approach for perfect development
  • Individual attention
  • Comprehensive kindergarten learning programme
  • Strong focus on Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Regular teacher-parent communication
  • Regular updates of activities to keep the parents informed
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting on individual child

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