Life at Ivy is vibrant. We provide such ambiance to children that they love coming to school. Time and again, it has been proved that the hands-on learning environment provides students with a better understanding of any concept, topic or subject. Several studies have revealed that experimental learning enables students to retain their learning at least three times better than they do in the normal chalk-and-talk classroom setting. Apart from better retention, learning by doing activities provide students with a sense of accomplishment as they can apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems/situations.

With an ambient hostel environment, students enter a new world of increased learning opportunities, be it academics,, extra curricular or co curricular activities.

Last but not the least; the activity based learning goes a long way in developing critical thinking and decision-making skills in students. In such environment, students can take their decisions on the spot, which not only stimulates their learning experience but also hones up the essential life skills.


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