Academic Excellence

When it comes to academics, we leave no stone unturned to hire the best teaching staff, have top notch technology for E-Studies and impart all the possible knowledge to our students. Studying in a safe and a clean environment is something that enhances their retaining capacity too, to which we are thankful for being able to operate in the hills.

All Around Development

After giving the students a plethora of options to choose from sports, karate, skate-boarding, theatre to perform, being a member in the school band 'Strings & Beats' and speaking fluent English, we can say that our students are the best when it comes to their overall development as the canvas of their desires and explorations lay blank in front of them to be painted.

Preparation for a Global World

What is taught at Ivy does not stay in Ivy! Our students have been proving us right time and again, when we come to know how well they've been doing competing with the outside world. The knowledge they possess and the experiences they absorb from our school, become a part of them, helping them to do excel in whatever they do, once put in a different and a new environment.

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