E-Learning –Black Board or No Board ??????

Smart Classes

Gone are the days when a teacher would constantly keep writing something on the blackboard and kids would be busy getting distracted by something else; the days where there were no interactive sessions between the teacher and the children; no two- way communication related to the curriculum or other things and where the kids were judged only on the basis of how much they parroted the subjects and how much they scored! Does that make a successful career for your child? May be not!

How about Digital Teaching, Interactive Workbooks, Group Activities And Outbound Tours? Sounds interesting, right? Keeping the exercise of intellectual inquiry alive, Ivy believes in the Rational, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual development of the child, not just for today or tomorrow but for a lifetime. For the same reason, the unconventional ways of teaching have been embraced to make sure that regard for the right education doesn’t get lost.

Needless to say that we have taken a lot of load off parents’ shoulders who find it difficult to contribute academically to their children’s growing needs.

We also have an app-based School Information System to keep the parents connected  with the school; be it routine activities like daily attendance sharing, home assignments, test schedules, meal plans etc or special announcements like transport delays, unscheduled holidays and other important notifications. This helps parents to keep themselves posted on the latest developments related to their wards and to keep themselves in sync with various other activities being conducted by the school.

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