Beyond Academics

Ivy International School is forging ahead to provide value-based quality education within the happy and caring environment where children are stimulated to apply themselves eagerly to learn and improve on their creative skills. Our students are taught to be truthful to themselves, their work and their social responsibilities, thus they learn to strive for peace, unity and oneness of mankind. This “World- Mindedness” ensures optimum intellectual growth and inculcates noble thoughts and sublime aspirations, which develop the strength of character conducive to flowering of their capabilities, capacities and abilities.

Ivy International School believes that education is a journey that never ends and if imparted in the right way, it can be a weapon which can change the entire world. The endeavour is to foster the best of Indian values while cultivating a global outlook. Education is about fun filled learning, enjoyable and relevant in the competitive world of today. This enables the student to become a self-confident and disciplined individual, who is geared to face any situation and challenge that life may throw at him and emerge victorious. The unique student- centric curriculum is followed to meet the educational needs like, moral values, leadership, empowerment, ability to make the right choice, maximize potential.

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