Message from the Principal

A Good Educational Institution is one that helps the overall development of a child’s body, mind and character. Therefore, at Ivy International School, we value each student as an individual and as a part of the community. We develop all aspects of their personhood with excellence. To achieve this goal we provide a wide array of programmes and activities so that each student can seize the opportunities afforded to him. A place where each and every aspect of a child’s personality is honed – like basic intelligence, motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving, observation power and so on. We strongly believe "The true purpose of education is to acquire Knowledge, not Grades." 

Education system has changed and with changing scenario the teaching strategies have shifted from teacher-centric in the past to student-centric these days where teachers take joy in their work, free from the fear of appraisals and rankings.

The giant gates of the realms of Ivy International School welcome you with warm hearts, deep love and care. 

Institutions pave a way for a child’s overall development, and so shall we. I take it as my responsibility to ensure that every student who enters this school leaves as a responsible and celebrated citizen of the country and makes everyone proud. I dream of a whole new generation of educated, informed, disciplined, honest and physically and mentally strong patriots. We should not lag behind anyone ; we should be the leaders. 

Great teachers are the most important ingredient to the success of any educational institution. I feel proud to share that I am supported by a team of dedicated and well qualified staff who, through their avant-garde teaching methods and utmost care, ensure that each and every student develops their potential to the maximum. 

We have requisite infrastructure to give our students a perfect environment for their development. We have an exquisite campus supported by the latest technologies and teaching aids to help students learn and retain the concepts to have an everlasting impression on their minds. 

The trust that students, parents, staff and patrons place in us, casts upon us an onerous duty, which we discharge with all our commitment, strength and competence. And for this, we will work day in and day out to stand up to the promises we have made. Teachers make a lot of impact in students’ lives. We can be the calm voice in the crisis. We can speak with reason when emotions are high. We can do so much. 

We are here for you and there is no other purpose in our being here. Our school is a safe haven, where little angels step in to become intellectuals and step out to be head and shoulders above the rest. In the end I would like to quote a limerick drafted by our English language department ; 

"The anchors of our ship, 'Ivy',
are rooted so deep,
no tide can drift it away,
we stand firm, come what may." 

Thanks for hearing me out, welcome again. 

Chandresh Anju Chauhan 

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